Wild Rosebuds Herbal Tea


Like the unconditional love only a mother can give, or the lost pet found intact.

What is it?

A fragrant tea that reminds you everything’s bound to come up roses. With a delicate taste and a delicious scent, floral and fresh, this tea is aromatherapy in a mug.

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Product description

Pure rose buds waiting to be submerged in hot water for a rose-infused drink that lightens up your mood and brightens up your whole day. Gathered by villagers in Anhui Province, these rosebuds blossom in the cup, revealing their gorgeous colours and scattering their sweet flavours in the teapot. With its soft and dainty rose character, this is a delightful and soothing drink that you can enjoy with meals, at bedtime, or whenever you can do with a bit of pampering.



What’s better than Turkish delight? A rose-flavoured and sweet-scented herbal infusion, that’s what. The floral, fresh, and fragrant aromas of this drink will drown out the boredom and titillate your taste buds without overwhelming you.

Stop and smell the roses before you start your day, and channel the stylishness and the grace of generations past. Together with friends and family, sip your wild rose bud tea after a meal to bring back memories of times long gone and realms you thought you forgot. With its pink hues and its delicate fragrance, this tea will soothe the senses and mend the mind.


Caffeine Level

This tea is made from wild rose buds. Flowers don’t have caffeine, so feel free to drink it at any time of day or night.



Premium Wild Rose Buds


Quality of Leaves

First buds of agrestal rose plants.


Where Does It Come From?

It’s grown at 1,500ft. to 3,500 ft. above sea level in Anhui Province, China.


Who is this tea for?

Those who can’t wait to cool off and put their feet up.


It’s Also Known As:

Rose tea, Rose herbal tea, Rosa tea, Rose bloom tea.


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20g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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