Tukdah TGFOP Darjeeling Black Tea


You’ll be flying higher than winged Pegasus…

What is it?

Darjeeling black tea as it’s meant to be: bursting with flavour and flair.

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Tukdah Tea Estate is the birthplace of 200 tons of luxury tea every year. That’s where this TGFPO Darjeeling came into being, with the help of hundreds of people who grow and harvest the leaves, processing them just so to lock in those flavours and secure that muscatel finish.



A tea that smells as warm and nutty as it tastes, TGFPO Darjeeling is a brown brew with a rustic and wholesome profile. Earthy, smoky, and blessed with alluring sandalwood scented wisps, this bubbly medium-bodied drink has a strength you can rely on. Stimulating and punchy, with a scent of damp forest soil, it’s the kind of tea that’ll put hairs on your chest.


Caffeine Level

Dare to sip your sumptuous tea later in the day, because with only 27 mg to 35 mg per cup, the caffeine level in this brew is moderate.



Premium grade black tea.


Quality of Leaves

Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP) processed using Orthodox methods.


Where Does It Come From?

This high-grown tea comes all the way from Darjeeling in India, where it’s cultivated at altitudes of 4,000ft. to 7,000ft.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for those who find strength in the strangest of places, including steaming cups of Darjeeling.  


What Are the Health Benefits?

Drinking black tea regularly offers many health benefits, some of which we’d like to share with you if you’d kindly click here.


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60g, 80g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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