Sunflower Petals Herbal Tea


Flowers in the window…

What is it?

A ray of sunshine in the form of sunflower petals.

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Having spent months soaking up the sun, it’s only natural that the sun-kissed goddesses of the flower kingdom finally grace your teapot. As the golden petals make their way into your cuppa, they brighten up the brew and enhance its flavour ever so slightly. Brew on their own, or sprinkle these petals alongside your other tisane ingredients, such as citrus and pine nuts, to bring the flavours together and make the tea even more palatable and pleasing to the eye.



Just as a sunflower turns toward the sun, so too will you be following this brew with your eyes. Light-bodied, neutral, and a tad musty, this delicate brew with sweet earthy notes will have you walking on sunshine.


Caffeine Level

Nil, nought, nada. This tea is fuelled by the sun, not caffeine.



Helianthus annuus petals.


Quality of Leaves

‘Cut leaves’ grade sunflower petals.


Where Does It Come From?

These leaves come from sunflower plants grown in Poland at 500ft. to 900ft. above sea level.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for those who like their teas rustic, raw, and ravishing.

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20g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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