Summer Strawberry Green Tea


This tastes like someone left the oven on, overnight at the jam factory.

What is it?

It’s summer in a cup! Infused with summer strawberry flavours, this green tea brings summer back to your door.

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Product description

Sencha green tea, strawberry chunks and papaya pieces combine to make an exceptionally smooth tea. It’s like taking a bite out of a sweet and juicy freshly-picked strawberry after a long day in the summer sun.



This Summer Strawberry Green Tea is sweet, refreshing, light, subtly flavoured, creamy, appetising, sharp, and grassy. It’s all of the above; a symphony of qualities and a synergy of flavours. The delicate and earthy green tea is the base for a sweet and sour fusion that tickles your taste buds and sends your mind drifting off to home-made jams and tarts.

A treat for all the senses, this smooth and refreshing pale green to bright yellow brew makes worries scatter away. Wake up to the smell of strawberries with this lovely tea to accompany a well-deserved breakfast in bed. Relax in a blink with this fuss-free tea that the whole family can enjoy.

Keep it for those busy weekdays when you need to steady your mind after work or sip it lazily in your strawberry-scented bliss as you entertain your friends over the weekend. Share it, gift it, mix it, save it for rainy days, but most importantly savour it!


Caffeine Level

With 20mg of caffeine per cup, give or take, the caffeine content of this green tea is low.



Luxury green tea, Naturally-dried papaya, Freeze-dried strawberry, and Natural flavours.

Quality of Leaves

Steamed in traditional Japanese Sencha style and then pan-fired.


Where Does It Come From?

This tea is grown at 2,500ft. above sea level in the Chinese province of Hunan.


Who is this tea for?

For those who appreciate subtle flavours and need some ‘me time’.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Click here to see the full health benefits of green tea.

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