Spearmint Herbal Tea


This tea waits for you. It is pure flavour, nothing lacking.

What is it?

A crisp, minty, and slightly sweet herbal tea. You’ll enjoy this tea time and time again, day and night, no doubt. This is a feel-good tea, perfect for when you need to steady your nerves, regulate your mood, or perk up a bit. Mellow and relaxing, it’s a popular drink not least because of its pungent and refreshing taste.

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Product description

Natural, organic spearmint leaves release an extremely refreshing and uplifting flavour for you to enjoy with your cuppa throughout the day. This amazing herbal drink can be served hot or cold, before or after meals, and it goes well with other teas and spices, such as gunpowder tea and cinnamon.



Unmistakable and addictive, the taste of spearmint in this full-bodied tea will awaken all your senses. As soon as it taints the water in a bright green colour, so familiar and so uplifting, you’ll want nothing more than to sip it slowly, letting that minty tang spread to the deepest, driest corner of your thirsty soul.

The familiar scent of pungent mint is an instant pick-me-up, helping you to gather your thoughts and focus. Sharp and sweet, the scent will dissipate throughout the room, carrying with it the warm and welcoming fragrance of the countryside. Rustic and pure, this tea helps you tear off the shackles of modern life and reconnect with nature.


Caffeine Level

A completely caffeine-free tea for your absolute, lasting, and guilt-free enjoyment.



Naturally-dried spearmint of the finest quality.


Quality of Leaves

This tea comes with cut, second flush whole leaves.


Where Does It Come From?

This variety is produced exclusively in the USA.


Who is this tea for?

Those who need a pick-me-up at any time of day or night.


Additional information

Packet Size

20g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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