Rose Hips Herbal Tea


Be assured that this simple tea gives the most complex delight.

What is it?

Somewhat floral, slightly fruity, and totally delightful.

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Product description

Sweet and rich in nutrients, rosehip is the fruit of roses. A single ounce of this potent fruit is richer in Vitamin C than ten oranges. That’s on top of the other vitamins and minerals it’s brimming with. Enjoy it on its own or alongside hibiscus petals, spices, and dried fruits for a brew that’s closely attuned to your taste.



A blushing brew with a hint of fruitiness, Rosehip Herbal Tea is an absolute delight. Sharp and sweet, with notes of pear and roses, this delicate and well-balanced tea is the perfect excuse to while a way a few minutes gazing in the distance and admiring the scenery.

Indulge your sweet tooth and gather your thoughts in the late hours of the night or sip it first thing in the morning to settle your mind and your stomach before the day unravels. Energising but delicate, romantic but humble, this tea can be brewed to your taste and sipped to your heart’s content, whatever the occasion.


Caffeine Level

There’s a reason nobody ever drinks rosehip tea to stay awake: it’s 100% caffeine-free.



Premium quality, naturally-dried rosehip.


Quality of Leaves

These are first grade leaves, dried and sorted manually.


Where Does It Come From?

Germany’s legendary Black Forest region, where it’s grown at altitudes below 2,000 ft.


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20g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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