Rose Congou Superior Black Tea


Give this tea a chance if you want a new shade in your monochrome life.

What is it?

A sweet-scented, floral, and remarkably fragrant black tea.

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Teas are not made equal, and this Rose Congou Superior Black Tea knows it. A wonderfully refreshing black tea brought to life with the delicate scent of rose flowers, Rose Congou Superior is layered with freshly-cut rose petals no fewer than five times. A truly delicious tea to be enjoyed at any time of day.



Smothered in black tea, the rose petals in this brew give off the most enticing aromas. Fragrant and deceptively delicate, this warm and soothing brew is a pleasure to drink after a meal or whenever you’d like a sweet treat.

The rose scent and the muted black tea flavour join forces to settle your mind and boost your energy level. Potent but sweet, it reminds you of Turkish delight, rose petal jelly, and rose water, all wrapped into one big delightful bouquet of sugariness.


Caffeine Level

With 27 mg to 35 mg per cup, the caffeine level in this tea is moderate.



Luxury black tea, Organic rose petals, and Natural flavours.

Quality of Leaves

Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP)


Where Does It Come From?

Sourced from China’s Fujian Province, this tea is grown at altitudes of 2,500ft.


Who is this tea for?

For those who like to round off a rich meal with a fragrant and romantic tea.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Click here to see the full health benefits of black tea.

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60g, 80g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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