Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea


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What is it?

It’s a hand-picked, whole-leaf oolong called ‘Super Fancy’ Formosa tea for a reason.

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Oriental Beauty is a tea in a class of its own, hand-picked and withered naturally for a flavour that gained it the nickname ‘Top Super Fancy’. This highly-acclaimed variety brought to you from Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa) is known for its sweet and satisfying taste.



Say what you will, but there’s something about the pomp and circumstance of authentic oolong tea which makes it any tea connoisseur’s cabinet. Ultimately, though, enjoying a fancy tea is more about the taste than the ritual. So, if you like yours slightly fruity and floral, but with no hint of bitterness, you’re in for a treat with Oriental Beauty, a sunny light-bodied brew with a cleansing effect and a mellow bite.


Caffeine Level

With a moderate caffeine level of 20 mg to 30 mg per cup, this tea is a soothing brew you can enjoy throughout the day.



Premium grade oolong tea.


Quality of Leaves

Oolong tea leaves of the highest grade hand-picked and fermented (oxidised) at a rate of 50% to 60%.


Where Does It Come From?

This tea is grown at 1,200ft. above sea level in Pei-pu, Taiwan.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for those who see beauty in the strangest of places, including withered tea leaves doused in water.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Though not as widely consumed as black or green tea, oolong comes with similar health benefits. For a glimpse of its wholesome properties and healing effects, please click here.


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