Nettle Leaf Herbal Tea


Like a bee sting of flavour, a pinch of niceness, a shake of flavour.

What is it?

A rustic and grassy natural tea traditionally enjoyed to strengthen the body and revive the mind.

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Product description

A natural tea made with premium organic nettle leaves harvested in Bulgaria and prepared into a wonderful, dark, and refreshing herbal concoction with a pleasant aftertaste.



A tea that’s both grassy and fragrant, this fresh, sweet, and slightly citrusy brew is full of natural goodness. With its delicate flavour and aroma, it’s suitable for drinking throughout the day as a cleansing drink, and it even helps steady your nerves and gather your thoughts on long, sleepless nights.

This dark brown potion is thought to be endowed with therapeutic properties, but it’s a fine brew regardless. Leafy and slightly sugary, it brings the countryside to mind, and the earthy and sweet-scented fragrance strikes a festive note. The humble bouquet calls for a family gathering, but if you can’t bear to share it with loved ones, nobody would think less of you for enjoying your Nettle Leaf Herbal Tea alone and in a quiet and serene setting.


Caffeine Level

Nil, nought, and nada. This caffeine-free tea is meant to help you unwind.



Premium grade nettle leaves.


Quality of Leaves

Nettle leaves cut after picking.


Where Does It Come From?

Bulgaria, Europe.

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20g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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