Nagri Farm Steamed Darjeeling Green Tea


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What is it?

A Darjeeling green tea laboriously hand-plucked and steamed for that sumptuous and distinctive finish.

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Nagri Farm Steamed Darjeeling Green Tea is painstakingly plucked by hand, desiccated, steamed, and machine rolled at a vast, organic, and Fair-Trade tea estate that is the envy of the Darjeeling area. Processed so as to enhance the natural delicate aromas and boost that sought-after muscatel flavour, this delicious Darjeeling is a tea of luxury.



Looks can be deceptive, so a Darjeeling aficionado knows to turn to Mr. Tea for a tea with authentic muscatel flavour. One of only a handful of tea gardens that are truly blessed with the magic of muscatel, Nagri Farm presents to you this splendid 2nd flush harvest brew made even more delightful by Mother Nature’s little helpers. Enjoy this sunny, light-bodied, and flavoursome brew with hints of apple and wood. Whatever the time, the place, or the occasion, it calls for a Nagri Farm Steamed Darjeeling.


Caffeine Level

With a mere 20 mg of caffeine per cup, this green tea is a splendid low-caffeine nightcap.



Premium grade green tea.


Quality of Leaves

Steamed Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe#1 (STGFOP1) green tea steamed, cooled, rolled, and dried using the Orthodox method.  


Where Does It Come From?

This is a tea grown at 300ft. to 4,600ft. on the slopes of Darjeeling, the famous Indian town at the foothills of the Himalayas.


Who Is This Tea For?

It’s a tea for the discriminating palate with a no-nonsense attitude to high-brow teas.


What Are the Health Benefits?

The potential health benefits of green tea are so many that we couldn’t squeeze them on this page. Please feel free to click here for a selection of the most well-known benefits.

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40g, 60g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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