Mountain Dream Flowering Tea


Become the ultimate flower child

What is it?

The flower of the flowering tea flock.

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A tea with loads of ‘flower power’, Mountain Dream brings you a bouquet of amaranth and jasmine displayed on a bed of green tea from the Chinese province of Anhui. Skilfully tied by hand using a technique passed down from generation to generation, Mountain Dream is as much a refreshing and light brew as it is a piece of installation art. With about 15 flower pods in every 100g of Mountain Dream Flowering Tea, there’s plenty to go around and loads to brag about.  



Light-bodied, fresh, and utterly unique, the stunning Mountain Dream Flowering Tea tastes every bit as lovely as it looks. The splendid display of jasmine and amaranth is relaxing, inviting, and natural, just like the flavour. Hints of herbs and fresh soil remind you of a dewy meadow. Warming inside and out, this tea is soothing like a hug, but deceptively powerful.


Caffeine Level

With only about 20 mg of caffeine per cup, this tea is instant, guilt-free relaxation.



Premium grade green tea, Amaranth blossoms, Jasmine blossoms.

Quality of Leaves

Handcrafted tea harvested and tied by hand by local artisans.


Where Does It Come From?

This tea is grown at altitudes between 1,500ft. and 4,900ft. in the Chinese province of Anhui.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for the souls with much to share and reveal over a hot cuppa tea.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Tisanes in general, and flowering tea in particular, are cherished not only for their visual appeal, but also for their supposed medicinal properties, some of which may be found here.

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35g, 70g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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