Margaret’s Hope TGFOP Darjeeling Tea


Flavour favours the brave

What is it?

A luxury Darjeeling with a name to match.

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Margaret’s Hope is a status symbol as much as it is a tea. Sophisticated and distinctive, this tea captures the coveted muscatel flavour and flaunts it with its enticing wine-like aromas. An amber brew that leaves nothing to be desired, Margaret’s Hope goes down well with scones and rich jam.



A tea unlike any other, Margaret’s Hope TGFOP Darjeeling is a fresh and fruity brew with a taste too fine for words. Delicate, light-bodied, and utterly mouth-watering, this uplifting tea is the way to a lighter and brighter you. Slightly astringent, the distinctive taste of muscatel gives way to a hint of blackcurrants. The bouquet, sophisticated and alluring, is rounded off with notes of hops and ale, which subside as the mellow earthy aftertaste takes over.


Caffeine Level

The caffeine content of this tea is moderate, averaging 27 mg to 35 mg per cup.



Luxury black tea.


Quality of Leaves

Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP) made using Orthodox methods.


Where Does It Come From?

This is a high-grown tea cultivated at 6,800ft. above sea level in India’s Darjeeling province.


Who Is This Tea For?

This tea is the perfect brew for the damsel in de-stress.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Black tea is enjoyed the same the world over. But it’s also highly touted for its many health benefits; too many to mention here, in fact. For a run-through of the main reasons to drink black tea, other than the flavour, please click here.


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60g, 80g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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