Lotus Peak Flowering Tea


Hygge cuppa

What is it?

It’s a collage of flower blossoms suspended in time for your viewing pleasure.

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A collection of splendid hand-tied bulbs of colourful blossoms that burst into life when they’re doused in water, the Lotus Peak Flower Burst is a thing of beauty. Made with fresh blooms from amaranth, hibiscus, and lavender plants, these bulbs are fused into a ball of beauty thanks to a wiry green tea leaf exclusive to Yunnan’s most acclaimed tea gardens. Every burst is unique, every cup is a delicate pastel pink brew, and every sip a treat.



Lotus Peak Flower Burst Flowering Tea turns teatime into a display of vibrant colours and muted lemony flavours. This sumptuous tea with floral notes is a showstopper and a conversation starter. Refreshing and uplifting, green tea is the base flavour, enhanced with the deep and rich harmony of amaranth, lavender, and hibiscus. It’s a spectacular and well-balanced brew that will turn any frown upside down.  


Caffeine Level

With only about 20 mg per cup, the caffeine level of this tea is relatively low.



Premium grade green tea, amaranth flowerets, hibiscus blossoms, and lavender blooms.

Quality of Leaves

Artisan flowering tea, hand-tied and crafted into bulbs.


Where Does It Come From?

The green tea and the blossoms in this blend are grown at 1,500ft. to 3,000ft. above sea level in the mountains of China’s leafy Yunnan Province.


Who Is This Tea For?

It’s a brew for the lover of beauty and balance in all their forms.


What Are the Health Benefits?

The health benefits of green tea are known the world over. For a quick run-through of some of the most widely accepted health benefits, please click here.

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