Lime Leaves Herbal Tea


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What is it?

It’s a lime tree’s way of adding a dash of tanginess to your tea.  

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Product description

A feature of the traditional Thailand home, the kaffir lime tree or makrut lime bush is treasured for the flavour of its leaves. Also used in cooking, the sweet and pungent citrus notes of these naturally-dried leaves will enhance the flavours of your tisane, giving it depth and richness. Enjoy them with a hint of honey or add them to your favourite fruit tea medley to bring the flavours to life.  



This citrusy, yellow-green brew is aromatic and rich. Slightly medicinal, the fragrance gives away the wholesomeness of the tea, without taking away its allure. The aroma is sweet and uplifting, and the colour spells peace and relaxation. Add a pinch of these leaves to your favourite tea for a richer, rounder, and deeper flavour. Uplifting and warming, this lemony liquor is caffeine-free and ready to serve and be served whenever you please.


Caffeine Level

Lime leaves contain no caffeine.



100% lime leaves


Quality of Leaves

First grade leaves cut and dried naturally.


Where Does It Come From?

This tea comes from the Sing Buri Region in Thailand, where it’s grown at 200ft. to 500ft. above sea level.


Who Is This Tea For?

This tea is a brew for those who take their teas seriously; all the more so when they’re tasty.

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20g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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