Lemon Yerba Maté


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What is it?
Yerba Maté is made from the leaves of a South American holly tree. The leaves contain Mateine, an alternative to caffeine, which means the tea is incredibly energising.

This version of the classic is flavoured with natural lemon flavourings, meaning its zestiness matches its fresh and energising flavour.

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Product description
This is a great tea for feeling good.

Whether you need to perk up, or sharpen your mind, Yerba Maté Egyptian Lemon is perfect for regulating your mood.

No matter the time of day, this is a relaxing and mellow drink, which gives you exactly what you need with a freshness of flavour.


A thick and citrussy flavour with a perfumey zest and sherbert-like tones. It has the sweetness of honey, with a fresh and fragrant finish.

The taste is warm and soothing – almost syrupy, with a calming sweetness to it.

It’s natural, earthy, and sharp. Overall a sweet and flavourful tea that will leave you wanting more.

Caffeine Level
This tea contains Mateine, which is an alternative to caffeine but provides the same much-needed stimulation (though many say it’s much smoother than caffeine).

Luxury Green Yerba Maté leaves, and Natural Dried Lemon


Where Does It Come From?
The Yerba Maté leaves come from Mato Grasso in Brazil, with other ingredients from the Nile Delta in Egypt.

Who is this tea for?
This tea is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid coffee, but still wants an energetic push during the day.


It’s also known as:
Yerba Mate, Yerba Maté with Lemon, Lemon Flavoured Yerba Maté

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