Lemon Balm Herbal Tea


The best zest for when you’re stressed

What is it?

A herbal tea packed with health benefits and an incredible lemon flavour.

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Product description

When life gives you lemon balm, rejoice, just as the Greeks did as they dedicated this plant to the Goddess Diana. Praised for its medicinal uses, Melissa officinalis, as it is officially known, was preserved in wine. More recently, it’s used in Bénédictine and other herbal liqueurs and digestives. Enjoy your low-caffeine Lemon Balm Tea as is or alongside other herbs, fruit, and spices to add herby lemon notes to other drinks.



Astringent and grassy, Lemon Balm appeals to the nature-lover in you. With its earthy aroma enhanced by hints of apple and pears, and rounded off with a dash of bitterness, this herbal tea is a brilliant palate cleanser. Let the subtle lemon flavour take over as the fruitiness subsides, and you’ll get a hint of this tea’s medicinal qualities as it warms you up inside.


Caffeine Level

Nil, nought, nada. Caffeine can’t take any credit for this tea.



Dried lemon balm leaves.


Quality of Leaves

A selection of the finest leaves harvested.


Where Does It Come From?

This tea is brought to you from Bulgaria.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for those looking for some respite from the turbulence of life.

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20g, 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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