Kenya Tinderet White Tea


No blurry images or blue screen backdrops. Real tea here ready and waiting for you.

What is it?

As teas go, this is one the purest and healthiest your taste buds may ever stumble upon.  

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Kenya Tinderet is a hand-made white tea grown by a world-famous tea estate in the Nandi hills of Kenya. Naturally-dried to preserve all those sumptuous flavours, Kenya Tinderet white tea is a thing of beauty. Don’t deprive your taste goblets of the thrill of sipping this brew.



There’s a light, grassy taste to this white tea that seems familiar and homely. It’s subtle and humble, but flavourful and pleasant. In fact, if it weren’t for the lack of bitterness, you’d probably mistake it for a green tea. But it’s white as the day is long.  

Pale, with yellow hues and steam wafting from it in a mist of exotic fragrances, this floral and grassy Kenyan white tea is a welcoming brew fit for entertaining. Naturally soothing and low in caffeine, this tea makes a splendid brew for telly time with the family or as a teatime-treat for friends gathered in the garden on warm summer days.


Caffeine Level

With 10 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine per cup, white tea is the purest of all the tea leaves, undergoing few of the processes that lead to the high levels of caffeine in other teas.



Premium white tea from Kenya.


Quality of Leaves

This is a special white tea made by hand in Orthodox style.


Where Does It Come From?

It originates from Nandi County in Kenya, where it’s grown at around 7,000ft. above sea level.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Click here to see the full health benefits of white tea.

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