Kenya Kosabei Sencha Green Tea


It’s good for the sensitive, good for the secretive good for the seductive, good for the selective.

What is it?

This is classic Japanese tea reinvented and shown to you from a Kenyan perspective.

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Product description

Kenya Kosabei Sencha Green Tea is an exceptional tea grown on selected plots on the Kosabei estate in Kenya, chosen for their pH level resembling that of traditional Sencha plots in the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka. The resulting leaves are steamed before processing, yielding a flavour enriched with hints of honey and moss. The brew is refreshing, stimulating, and suitable for enjoyment at any time of day.



As green teas go, this Kenya Kosabei Sencha is quite tangy. Grassy, fruity, and floral, it’s a natural brew with all the makings of a premium grade tea. The moss and honey notes stemming from the Sencha-style steaming process gives it a soothing, mellow, and delicate aftertaste. Sip it regularly to zone in and hone in on your daily challenges.


Caffeine Level

With a mere 20mg of caffeine per cup, this low caffeine brew can be enjoyed from dawn to dusk.



Premium grade green tea.


Quality of Leaves

Sencha-style green tea leaves processed using Orthodox methods.


Where Does It Come From?

This high-grown tea hails from the highlands of Kericho in Kenya, where it’s cultivated at roughly 6,500ft. above sea level.


Who Is This Tea For?

It’s a tea for the sensitive, the secretive, the seductive, and the selective.


What Are the Health Benefits?

The potential health benefits of green tea are so many that we couldn’t squeeze them on this page. Please feel free to click here for a selection of the most well-known benefits.

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