Kenya Kitamu White Tea Matcha


Matcha of the day…

What is it?

A tea that combines white and green tea at their finest and in their purest form.

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Product description

Meet your matcha maker – i.e. your tea bowl. Sift this powdery blend, add water, whisk, and enjoy Kenyan Kitamu White Matcha the Japanese way. This matcha is made from the youngest leaves of a tea grown at whopping altitudes inaccessible to pests, so you know there’s nothing but natural goodness in every cup.



Kenya Kitamu is greatness in a cup. A medium-bodied brew with leafy and grassy flavours, this tea feels like being caressed by a breeze on a tropical island. It’s smooth, sandy, and sensational. It smells like sun-kissed grass with a hint of citrus from an orchard not far away. The pale cream potion is slightly floral, crisp, and cleansing. Then, just as you take your last sip, you feel the energy from the caffeine lifting you up, but only just.


Caffeine Level

Averaging 35 mg per cup, the caffeine level of this brew is moderate.



White tea, green tea.

Quality of Leaves

This silky-smooth powder is a fine grade matcha with 10 to 16 micron particle size.


Where Does It Come From?

It hails from Nandi Hills in the Kericho Highlands of Kenya, where it’s grown at 5,500ft. to 6,500ft. above sea level.


Who Is This Tea For?

It’s a tea for people who settle for nothing but the finest and will stop at no run-of-the-mill tea shop to get it.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Apart from the many health benefits of green tea and white tea in general, this blend is a particularly rich source of EGCG. This compound is thought to have various health benefits, among which the prevention of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain.

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