Jun Chiyabari TGFOP Black Tea


This could railroad you away from the cul-de-sac of bland granite stale destitution, onwards and upwards to the nectar-laden highway we call superior quality.

What is it?

This is a Nepalese brew with a certain je ne sais quoi; a giant among black teas.

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Product description

Jun Chiyabari is a tea variety grown in Nepal, in a tea garden of the same name. With all the sweetness of a Muscatel and the refinement of top Darjeelings, the bouquet of this mellow black tea also features the unique flavour of moss and wheat. It’s a bright and slightly astringent orange brew with a bubbly character.



Deceptively earthy and light, this black tea reminds you of a tisane wafting floral aromas of mountain meadows. But unlike a herbal tea, it comes with that distinctive bitter-sweet aftertaste unique to black teas. The syrupy sweetness is enhanced with fruity and woody notes, rendering the bouquet fragrant and delightful. Medium-bodied, coppery, and utterly invigorating, this tea is meant to revive you and perk you up before the day starts to unfurl.


Caffeine Level

A cheeky late-night sip can’t hurt because with about 27 mg to 35 mg per cup, the caffeine level in this brew is moderate.



Premium grade black tea.


Quality of Leaves

Tippy Golden Orange Flowery Pekoe (TGFOP) processed using Orthodox methods.


Where Does It Come From?

This high-grown tea is cultivated at 5,500ft. to 7,000ft. above sea level in the leafy Hile Hills of Nepal’s Dhankuta District.


Who Is This Tea For?

It’s a brew for keen tea drinkers with high hopes and higher-brow tastes.


What Are the Health Benefits?

The health benefits of black tea are too many to count. But if you’d like to skim through some of the most well-known ones, please click here.

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60g, 80g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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