Hibiscus Herbal Tea


While this tea may not cure all, it will give you a foothold on the ladder to salvation.

What is it?

It’s herbal tropical treat for tired taste buds in need of a sweet and sharp pick-me-up.

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Product description

This tea is a cluster of hibiscus flowers painstakingly hand-picked from the delta of the River Nile in Egypt to make your palate shiver with pleasure. Whether you drink it on its own, or you use it to enhance the flavours of your favourite tisane, you’ll be licking your lips after every sip of this heavenly honeydew.   



Like all hibiscus teas, this tisane is a sweet-scented and slightly tart infusion with a subtle cranberry note. But unlike other teas, this one is alive with flavour and just as zesty as a slice of cranberry pie.

Festive and malty, this drink will liven up any tea party with its unforgettable aromas. Sweet, fruity, and with woody notes, it’s the perfect brew to dispel your worries and cares. Wash away a minty ice-cream with a chilled glass of this burgundy red tangy tisane, or share your cocktail with your significant other, and turn a late-night treat into a party for two.    


Caffeine Level

None. This fragrant herbal tea helps you unwind and steady your mind.



Luxury Hibiscus flowers.


Quality of Leaves

First grade field grown and sun-dried rose mallow leaves.


Where Does It Come From?

This is hibiscus cultivated in the Nile Delta, where it grows at altitudes of no more than 100ft.


Who is this tea for?

Those who pamper themselves with herbal brews often and don’t suffer bland tea gladly.

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40g, 60g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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