Gunpowder Mint Green Tea


A zap to make your eyes roll and your tongue quiver.

What is it?

When Gunpowder meets Mint, sparks fly. This isn’t just tea; it’s fuel for the soul. It’s like finding a mint meadow after a day-long climb up a quiet mountain.

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Made of Pekoe Gunpowder pellets harvested and hand-rolled in Sri Lanka’s world-renowned Uva district, this is a smoky tea doused with mint flavouring. The fusion makes for a refreshing and soothing brew or cocktail, whichever floats your boat.



A sweet and creamy light-bodied brew doused with mint flavourings, this is a cuppa that brings satin-soft and utterly delightful buttermints to mind. It’s love at first sip as this deceptively buttery brew touches your lips and the fragrance of mint shatters your defences. The freshness clears the mind and travels through to the lungs, making you feel as though you’re in the midst of the most splendid mint meadow.  


Strong and sharp, the mint clears the airways and relieves your sinuses with its refreshing menthol effect. As it travels through the body, you feel it relaxing your muscles and soothing your whole being, nerves and all. Give it a minute, and the smokiness of the pellets will seep through, giving you the lingering feeling of complete serenity.


Caffeine Level

Low, approximately 20mg per cup.



Luxury green tea enhanced with natural flavours.

Quality of Leaves

Pinhead gunpowder pekoe harvested and rolled into its distinctive pellets using Orthodox methods.


Where Does It Come From?

Grown at altitudes of 2,500ft. to 3,000ft., this tea comes to you straight from Uva in Sri Lanka.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Click here to see the full health benefits of green tea.

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40g, 60g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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