Grenadine and Vanilla Black Tea


The world can’t be against you, as long as this tea exists.

What is it?

Take a hint from Buddhist and Taoist monks: Grenadine and Vanilla flavoured black tea is divine. It’s a delicious treat for anyone to enjoy whenever, wherever.

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Product description

This Ceylon tea has all the smokiness and pungency of the treasured Sri Lankan delicacy, as well as grenadine and vanilla notes. Brewed together, they yield an exotic taste that’s sweet, sharp, woody, and worthy of praise.



You’ll feel giddy with relief as soon as you partake of this pungent and powerful Ceylon tea laced with vanilla and grenadine flavourings. Unique, intriguing, and unlike anything you’d have tasted before, this soft but welcoming flavour will captivate but never overpower you with its creaminess and fruitiness.

Phenomenally relaxing, this brew boasts a sweet-scented aroma that reminds you of ice-cream. Medium-bodied, with a fruity bouquet and subtle vanilla tones, this smooth amber tea is nothing short of magical.

Immortality is overrated. Why not live in the now and have a sip of this ambrosia? You’ll feel like a legend.  


Caffeine Level

With 27 mg to 35 mg per cup, the caffeine level in this tea is moderate.



Luxury Ceylon tea, Sunflower petals, Marigold petals, and Natural flavours.


Quality of Leaves

Whole-leaf Orange Pekoe (OP) made using Orthodox production methods.


Where Does It Come From?

It hails from three of Sri Lanka’s most renowned tea growing districts, namely Nuwara Eliya, Uva, and Dimbula. Depending on the source, it’s grown at 4,800ft. to 7,600ft. altitude.


Who is this tea for?

A tea devotee who goes nuts for nutty Ceylon tea and gaga over grenadine.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Click here to see the full health benefits of black tea.

Additional information

Packet Size

60g, 80g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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