Green Yerba Maté Matcha


Give it a chance to start the new rebooted, revitalised you.

What is it?

This premium-grade matcha is a new take on the classic yerba mate.

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Product description

The unique qualities of this flavoursome Green Yerba Mate will not be lost on you. Grown in the leafy hills of Brazil, this yerba mate is ground in Japanese matcha style to retain all those inviting botanical notes. Deceptively potent, this green brew is relatively rich in caffeine and ready to top up your energy levels from the first sip.  


This unusual presentation of Yerba Mate makes for a strong, bold and acquired taste. So, hurry up and acquire it, because you don’t want to miss out on the invigorating and stimulating effects of this tea.

Spicy, crisp, subtly bitter, and very aromatic, this is a taster for an exotic spice garden in a faraway land suspended in time. Recharge those batteries sipping this tea every morning, or give yourself a quick energy boost at lunchtime to get you through the day.

Caffeine Level

With roughly 80 mg per cup, the caffeine level of this tea is relatively high. Never mind those energy drinks; this matcha has ‘energy’ written all over it.


Green yerba mate.

Quality of Leaves

This silky-smooth powder is a fine grade matcha with 10 to 16 micron particle size.

Where Does It Come From?

This tea comes to you from the leafy Paraná state of Brazil, where it’s grown at 1,500ft. to 3,000ft. above sea level.

Who Is This Tea For?

This is a tea for tea drinkers on the go, on the mend, and on the proverbial velvet.

What Are the Health Benefits?

More potent than green tea, matcha is an amazing source of nutrients. To read about some of matcha’s most well-known health benefits, please click here.


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