French Lavender Earl Grey Tea


This is lavender come to life.

What is it?

A tea blend sprinkled with oil of bergamot, Earl Grey is a brew made infinitely better with French lavender; so much so, in fact, that you’ll be drinking it all day.

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There’s hardly a tea out there that could truly claim to be worth brewing any time of day, but this Earl Grey is the exception that proves the rule. With all the oomph of regular Earl Grey and a captivating lavender fragrance to boot, this tea is bliss in a cup; and it’s yours to enjoy around the clock.



There’s no mistaking the scent of lavender: it’s soothing, it clears your head, and it reminds you of the countryside. The aromatic blossom-like fragrance is welcome indeed, helping you to unwind, focus and overcome life’s troubles.

Drinking this premium grade medium-bodied brew is like a page out of a fairy-tale. Malty Ceylon meets zesty bergamot oil. Their union is blessed with lavender and sweet cornflower petals. Together they yield an amber potion with floral and citrus notes that fans can’t get enough of.


Caffeine Level

With 27 mg to 35 mg per cup, the caffeine level in this tea is moderate.



Premium black tea, Lavender petals, Cornflower petals, and Natural flavourings.


Quality of Leaves

Whole-leaf Orange Pekoe (OP) made with the Orthodox method.


Where Does It Come From?

The Ceylon leaves come from none other than Sri Lanka, and the lavender blossoms hail from idyllic France!


Who is this tea for?

Drink this tea is you want nothing but the best for your body, mind, and soul.

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60g, 80g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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