Fennel Seeds Herbal Tea


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What is it?

It’s a hefty serving of fennel seeds displayed as they are, in all their glory.

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Product description

A medium-bodied brew with some of the bite of liquorice and anise but not nearly as robust, fennel seed tea is a light and wholesome tisane that helps you centre and self-soothe.



Fennel is a seed bursting with freshness and flavour, perfect for a feel-good tea. As its grassy and earthy scent wafts away from your cup, the brew will betray its smoky, herbal flavour. It tastes just as you imagined: slightly sweet, a bit syrupy, and almost medicinal.

Reminiscent of anise and liquorice, but much subtler, the taste is peppery and piquant but also delicate. Whether you enjoy it as it is for its therapeutic properties, or choose to add herbs, honey, and spices, this tisane will make a splendid guilt-free treat for round-the-clock enjoyment.


Caffeine Level

Nil, nought, nada. Lip-smacking liquorice needs no help from caffeine to lift up your mood.



Foeniculum vulgare seeds. (Fennel seeds)


Quality of Leaves

First grade seeds.


Where Does It Come From?

These fennel seeds are grown in Egypt, where people have been enjoying them since ancient times.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for those with a love of the natural, the raw, and the wholesome.

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Weight40 g
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40g, 60g, 125g, 250g


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