Fairy Princess Fruit Tea


A tea for All Sorts (and not just the liquorice kind).

What is it?

A medley of woodland treasures with a sprinkling of fairy dust.

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A fairy’s work is never done. Luckily, with only a sip of this magical potion, you’ll regain your strength and flutter happily for hours. Bursting with berries and herbs, Fairy Princess Children’s Fruit Tea is a thirst-quenching delight no child can resist. With hints of exotic flowers and fruit, a lovely red wine-like colour, and the alluring fragrance of apple jam, this invigorating concoction will spark the imagination in an instant. Sipping is believing, so give it a try.



If love came in a cup of tea, it’d have to be this one. A very berry fruit shoot with a dash of the exotic and a sprinkling of fairy magic, this delightful tea will whisk you away, beyond the realms of your imagination. Velvety, rosy, and deep, it’s a tea with a sharp flavour soaked in sweetness. It’s a medium-bodied, caffeine-free treat with notes of hibiscus and papaya, that warms you up in inside gets those creative juices flowing.


Caffeine Level

Fairy’s don’t need caffeine, so there’s none in this tea.



Premium grade naturally-dried apple chunks, Pineapple pieces, Papaya chunks, Strawberry pieces, Rosehip, Raspberries, Brambleberries, Blackberries, Natural flavourings.


Quality of Leaves

A medley of premium grade dried fruit and herbs.


Where Does It Come From?

It’s a blend of organic dried fruits and herbs grown at altitudes of approximately 1,000ft. in Spain, Thailand, Canada, and the USA.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for those who are young at heart and spirit, with a lively imagination and a penchant for day-dreaming.  


What Are the Health Benefits?

The health benefits of this medley of fruit, flowers, and herbs are countless. Folk remedies have relied on berry potions to soothe throats, stomachs, and teeth, among others, as well as detoxify the body and aid in the treatment of minor skin conditions.

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40g, 60g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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