Continental Breakfast Tea


A nicheness of niceness.

What is it?

A medley of leaves from India, Kenya, and China, this is a tea of luxury.

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A tea blend that puts regular breakfast brews to shame, this black tea is yours to enjoy to the full, wherever in the world you may be. Malty, oaky, floral, and fruity notes harmonise to make your morning cuppa exude aromas from the four corners of the world.



With its dark and deep, burnt amber hues, this Continental Breakfast Black Tea gives off an air of true refinement. But explore it further, and you’ll find there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Smooth, strong, and subtly floral, it tells a story of cultural legacy.

The bouquet of this tea is a symphony of flavours garnered from lands far away. It’s malty, woody, and fruity but never overpowering. Best enjoyed alongside a continental breakfast, this tea brings chestnuts and croissants to mind, but feel free to try it throughout the day with scones, jam, lemon tart, and all your favourite teatime treats.


Caffeine Level

With only between 27 mg and 35 mg per cup, far less than your average coffee, the content level of this tea is moderate.



Premium grade black tea and natural flavourings.


Quality of Leaves

Flowery Pekoe (FP) leaves harvested using Orthodox methods and processed using the Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) method.


Where Does It Come From?

This tea blend consists of varieties brought to you from Assam and Nilgiri in India, Kericho and Kiambo in Kenya, and Anhui Province in China. Depending on the origin, these varieties are grown at 1,500ft. to 7,100ft. above sea level.


Who is this tea for?

This is a tea for the well-travelled tea connoisseur with taste buds waiting to be amazed.


What Are the Health Benefits?

If you’d like to skim through some of the most well-known benefits, please click here.


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60g, 80g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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