Product description

Chrysanthemum flowers offer a delicate floral tisane with amazing health benefits. Catch a single whiff of this infusion and you’ll be charmed with the aromatic oils oozing into the pale-yellow brew. Picked at their peak and sun-dried with care, these flowers will help you blossom into a healthier and happier you.


Mother nature packed all her flowery goodness into this chrysanthemum blossom tea. As soon as it touches the tip of your tongue, it fills you up with warmth and brings your whole being to life. It’s sweet, soft, and almost sensual, a flavoursome soother with a motherly touch. No wonder the Chinese have been enjoying this drink for three millennia – it’s superb. Enjoy this brew with its delightful floral finish on its own, or add lychees, goji berries, and spices to enhance its flavours and turn it into an ambrosial elixir.

Caffeine Level

Chrysanthemum is a flower-based brew. Since there aren’t any tea leaves in it, there’s also no caffeine in it.


Premium grade chrysanthemum blossoms picked in their prime.


Quality of Leaves

Field grown, first grade leaves.

Where Does It Come From?

Sourced from China’s Fujian Province, this tea is grown at altitudes below 500ft.

It’s Also Known As:

Gukhwa-cha, Ju Hua , Saamandhi, Júhuā-chá, Trà bông cúc, Teh kekwa.