China Pai Mu Tan White Tea


We were asked about a harvest for the world, a trip to Scarborough fair. Well the harvest has come and the waft of the fair is amongst us

What is it?

Where do we start? It’s fruity, it’s fragrant, it’s fresh, and it’s fantastic. White peony tea is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.  

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Product description

To be perfect, white peony tea must be made from buds plucked with only two surrounding leaves. They must be the right colour and covered in a velvety white down. They must wither naturally. It can’t be too hot or too cold. Let’s face it, it’s a picky tea for the picky palate!



White peony buds simmering in a brew redolent of honey and orchards in the summer – what’s not to like? It’s a creamy and refined tea with a deep and mysterious character. The flavour is fruity and sugary, and the fragrance is delicate and lush.

It’s a noble drink ideal for a lavish affair. But it can just as easily be the brew that sets the mood for a little heart-to-heart with your nearest and dearest. Pair every sip of this pale floral infusion with your favourite biscuits and jam, and feel those happy vibes kick in.


Caffeine Level

Less processed than other teas, white tea only has around 10 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine per cup.



Premium grade camelia sinensis shoots and young leaves.


Quality of Leaves

Grade #1 white peony leaves, known in the industry as Pai Mu Tan.


Where Does It Come From?

Sourced from China’s Fujian Province, this tea is grown at altitudes from 2,000ft. up to 4,000ft.


Who is this tea for?

White peony tea is a brew for perfectionists with an immaculate palate. Not an aficionado? No worries; you’ll like it just the same.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Click here to see the full health benefits of white tea.

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