Calendula Petals Herbal Tea


He loves me, he loves me not…

What is it?

A bewitching blend of Marigold petals ready to add a touch of colour to your brew, make a tasty tisane or even concoct a love potion.

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Sprinkle some love into your brew with this mélange of Marigold petals. Calendula, with its velvety texture and its bold yellow hues, makes a fantastic tisane with a neutral bouquet. Otherwise, add a finishing touch to your favourite tea blend without changing the flavour. Pop the kettle on and enjoy a moment to yourself with a herbal brew that’s free from caffeine, synthetic colourants, and artificial flavourings.



No use plucking leaves off a flower for want of romance. Save your bright yellow flowers for your daily brew. These golden Calendula petals are lovingly grown and dried in the sun for your tea-time pleasure.

A delicate floral tea with a touch of grassiness, this pale-yellow Marigold infusion will help you recalibrate. Caffeine-free, light-bodied, and neutral in taste, it lives up to its reputation as a soothing drink you can enjoy any time of day or night.


Caffeine Level

None. Caffeine can’t take any credit for this tea.



Calendula petals


Quality of Leaves

First grade, field grown and sun-dried petals.


Where Does It Come From?

It comes from the fertile loams of the Nile River Delta in Egypt, where it’s grown at up to 100 ft. above sea level.


Who is this tea for?

It’s a tea for the hopeless romantic with a love of tasty tisanes.

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20g, 30g, 90g, 125g, 250g


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