Cacao and Red Rooibos


Unencumbered no wiggling or quaking legs – a sure-footed and stable tea.

What is it?

A delightful night-time treat or morning wake-up call with all the sweetness of chocolate and some exotic fruity notes for good measure.  

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Why choose between chocolate and tea, when you can have both? Have your cake and eat it too with a steaming hot cuppa bursting with flavour. Enhanced with cacao beans and flower blossoms, this coppery brew is waiting to liven up your afternoon tea. Drink it whenever you have a moment to yourself or enjoy it in good company; either way, it’s bound to give you good vibes.



When they concocted the recipe for this Cacao and Red Rooibos, they must have had gran’s delicious cocoa in mind. With its festive fragrance, this sweet-scented brew is the perfect drink to have as you cuddle up by the fireplace with a good book.

The familiar aroma joins forces with a refreshingly full-bodied rooibos flavour, taking your taste buds by surprise. Notes of chocolate, fruit, and exotic flowers chime in and harmonise to set your mind adrift.


Caffeine Level

Nil, naught, nada. Who needs caffeine when you have this much flavour in a cup?



Rooibos, Hibiscus blossoms, Cacao beans, Lemongrass, Natural flavourings.


Quality of Leaves

Special superior grade rooibos tea leaves


Where Does It Come From?

This tea comes to you from Cederberg, South Africa’s famous mountains and nature reserve.


Who is this tea for?

It’s for tea drinkers partial to a silky chocolate after dusk, but also not fond of milk.


What Are the Health Benefits?

Drinking a high-quality rooibos has countless benefits for both mind and body. Here’s a selection of the many ways rooibos tea can make you a better person.

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40g, 60g, 125g, 250g, 500g


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