Bamboo Leaf Herbal Tea


Your spirits have been down and broken promises haunt your daylight hours and trouble your sleep, but worry no more.  You’ve found a friend in pure bamboo.

What is it?

Fragrant and potent bamboo leaves, as nature intended.

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Product description

Do like the pandas and help yourself to some bamboo leaves. Brewed to perfection, these leaves yield a smooth, caffeine-free, pale-yellow drink much like green tea in both taste and texture. Have a sip, see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and share a pot with friends. Hold on to your leaves, though, in case your friends come back for seconds – because you can brew them again and again.  



Bamboo Leaf tea is more than a tisane; it’s an experience. Blessed with an exotic flavour and a natural freshness all its own, this lovely pale green brew carries a leafy and toasty flavour reminiscent of rice and green tea. The aftertaste is sweet and woody; you could even say there’s a hint of honey to it. A wholesome drink, this brew is one of the most refreshing, relaxing, and soul-cleansing teas out there.


Caffeine Level

Nil, naught, nada. There’s no caffeine in bamboo leaves: just natural goodness.



100% bamboo leaves.


Quality of Leaves

First grade new crop bamboo leaves air-dried, sun-dried, and processed using traditional methods.


Where Does It Come From?

This bamboo is grown at altitudes of 1,500ft. to 4,900ft. in the leafy mountainous province of Yunnan, in China.


Who Is This Tea For?

This is a tea for the peacekeeper in need of a soul-search friendly brew.

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20g, 30g, 90g, 125g, 250g


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