Apple and Cranberry Fruit Tea


It’s like someone left the oven on all night at the jam factory

What is it?

A tangy fruit tea with all the rustic charm of a zesty green apple and the smokiness of woodland berries.

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A concoction made with the finest ingredients, Apple and Cranberry Tea imparts a lovely fruity astringency and a floral finish. Brilliant in any weather and at any temperature, this medium-bodied pinkish drink blends hand-picked cranberries and apples into a tisane so tasty and warm that it reminds you of jam on toast.



Like liquid jam but more delicate and infinitely more palatable, this apple and cranberry tea was concocted from some of nature’s most flavoursome fruit and flowers. Chunks of apple, rosehip, and cranberry are cleverly married with hibiscus petals for a rich and fruity flavour that instantly casts a calming spell on you. Lingonberry and elderberry join in with their tart and tasty aromas to round off a bouquet that reminds you of woodland, hinterland, childhood, and selfhood.


Caffeine Level

Nil, naught, nada. Fruit infusions like this are 100% flavour and 0% caffeine.



Premium grade hibiscus petals, chunks of apple, pieces of rosehip, cranberry chunks (prepared with sugar, rice powder, and vegetable oil), lingonberry, elderberry, and natural flavourings.


Quality of Leaves

A medley of dried fruit and herbs


Where Does It Come From?

A mix of ingredients grown at roughly 1,000ft. above sea level, this tea is made of dried fruits and herbs sourced from Canada, U.S.A., Spain, and Thailand.


Who Is This Tea For?

It’s a tea for seekers of unadulterated rustic flavours and aromas.  


What Are the Health Benefits?

Click here for the health benefits of fruit tea.

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