We’ve put some of our most frequently asked questions in one place in the hope that it makes your shopping experience easier. If you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to get in touch.

All of our products are sourced with the highest standards in mind.

We are a small business, and organic certification is an expensive process (particularly with teas with multiple ingredients). This isn’t just a case of skimping at the cost of quality: for the vast majority of our teas organic certification simply isn’t necessary. The teas are generally grown at high altitude (over 4,000 feet above sea level) so the use of pesticides and chemicals tends not to be required.

These teas are referred to as ‘High Grown’ in the tea industry. Sometimes fertiliser is used in the form of natural nitrogen pellets, which increase the yield of the crop up to three times.

We completely understand the need to ensure a high quality, healthy product, and our standards reflect this across the entire range. If you have any queries about the production standards of specific teas, we’ll be happy to advise. Just get in touch.

We source our teas mostly from suppliers who are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. ‘Fair Trade’ as a movement (and an organisation) was created to protect smaller farmers being exploited in highly competitive markets. Tea farms tend to be owned by wealthy land owners, and it is their workers who need to be protected. This is what the Ethical Tea Partnership focuses on.

Benefits include:

  • Fair health coverage
  • Housing support
  • Childcare support
  • Reforestation / protection of unused land

The Ethical Tea Partnership focuses on social concerns for tea workers, and sustainability concerns for the farming process.

We ensure that all of our teas are sourced from farms where workers are protected, work conditions are safe, and practices are sustainable.

We use 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials in everything we do as a company.


Naturally, the tea itself can be composted or safely disposed of as food waste once it has been used.

Postage and Packaging

Our brown tea bags are fully biodegradable. They are made from a combination of paper, cellulose film and starch film. They can still be sealed for freshness and disposed of as compost waste. Once disposed of, they will biodegrade within 10 weeks.

Our postage bags are fully biodegradable. They offer the same robust protection as traditional plastic bags, but are made from an oil-based polymer, with an additive that speeds up the degradation process. The postage bag will degrade and then biodegrade, becoming environmentally benign products within months or years (rather than centuries like traditional bags).

Office Supplies

Any printing we carry out as a business is done on 100% recycled and recyclable paper (though where possible, we keep any documents purely electronic).

Postage is free on all Standard UK Orders.

We aim to dispatch all shipments on the same day the order is made. Standard shipping is 2nd Class with Royal Mail, so you can usually expect to receive your order in 3-4 business days. If you’re concerned about delivery times for a specific order, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Specific preparation instructions for each type of tea are provided on the tea’s category page:

  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Oolong
  • Rooibos
  • White Tea

Each tea is different. Caffeine levels for each tea are listed on the product page.

Any true teas (i.e. the leaves of the camelia sinensis plant) will contain some caffeine.

Most herbal leaves and flowers are naturally caffeine free (with the exception of anything that contains yerba mate).

We offer some decaffeinated teas, where the caffeine levels have been reduced through natural means – but these aren’t naturally caffeine free.

We work with many companies, and offer everyone a bespoke service to suit their needs.

If you’re keen to order in bulk, sell our tea white label or even dropship our tea, we’d be glad to chat. Just get in touch.

We are unable to provide tracking information for all of our orders, but generally the tea should be with you within 3-4 business days.

If it hasn’t arrived by day 5, something may have gone wrong. Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to look into it for you.

Ingredients for each tea are provided on the tea’s product page, and also on the packet of the tea.

We sometimes use the phrase ‘natural flavours’ to describe ingredients.

What does natural flavours mean?

On some of our teas, we refer to ‘Natural Flavours’ as an ingredient. This isn’t to hide anything nasty, but simply to protect the recipe.

When we say ‘natural’, we do mean natural. All ingredients are produced as ‘Organic Compliant’, meaning that they don’t contain anything synthetic, and no unwanted solvents or preservatives.

(This doesn’t mean that the ingredients are certified as ‘organic’ – see above for more info on that).

We will always aim to disclose any known allergens that are present in the ingredients list, but if you have a specific concern, just drop us a line.

We disclose any known allergens on each tea’s product page in the ingredients list. We’ve attempted to highlight all allergens in bold.

Some of our teas contain nuts, and all teas are processed and packaged on the same premises. We try to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment.

If you have an unusual allergy or you’re not sure about anything, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

During pregnancy, many women prefer to avoid high levels of caffeine. Some herbal tea ingredients are also considered to be risky during pregnancy. It’s always best to check with a medical professional if you’re unsure about anything.

We don’t make any claims about the health benefits of specific teas. We believe in hard science when it comes to health claims, and we’ll never claim a product has health benefits unless it’s proven in a laboratory setting.

Around the site, you may find articles discussing research into the health benefits of different types of tea. Research varies in quality. We aim to consider the quality of as much research as possible, and present it to help you draw your own conclusions.

If you can’t find a tea on the site and you’re really keen to track it down, just drop us a line. We might be able to help.

All of our teas can be consumed hot or cold.

We do stock specific Iced Tea products, but our Rooibos and Flavoured Black Teas make great cold drinks. Just brew them as you normally would, and then add ice and fruit!